Joh Hence doth dad love myself, while the I lay down living, that we might take they again

Joh Hence doth dad love myself, while the I lay down living, that we might take they again

Joh I’m the favorable shepherd: the good shepherd giveth their existence towards sheep

Joh However, the guy that’s a keen hireling, rather than the fresh new shepherd, whose own the brand new sheep aren’t, seeth brand new wolf upcoming, and you may leaveth the sheep, and you will fleeth: as well as the wolf catcheth him or her, and you can scattereth the brand new sheep. Joh The brand new hireling fleeth, as the he could be an hireling, and you can careth perhaps not for the sheep. Joh I am the great shepherd, and learn my personal sheep, and you can am understood off exploit. Joh As the Dad knoweth me, nevertheless learn We the father: and i also lay-down my entire life into sheep. Joh Or other sheep I have, which aren’t on the bend: her or him in addition to I must provide, as well as should tune in to my personal sound; so there are going to be you to definitely fold, and another shepherd. Joh No kid taketh it of me, but We place it off away from me. I’ve ability to put they off, and i also has actually power to take it once more. So it commandment has actually We obtained off my father.

Ergo they ascended once they “separated because of the death” using their car that has been seen by business on most every development web site, tv and you may broadcast information transmit and some documentaries after that, moreorless flooding the news headlines schedules to have weeks then however extremely prominant to have weeks to check out. It absolutely was taken from this new every single day revealing by the CNN and you may other people when Little princess Diana died in the an auto freeze which had been considered to be nasty play, that was inside August 1997. This was and when the very contraversial Hale Bopp comet made perihelion – and you will is visible to brand new naked eye in the United states. This is certainly one of the most popular tv editors on industry, which means this would-have-been seen by actually billions possibly and you will indicates firmly in the extremely lead styles I have seen one to Ti and you may Do and crew might have been the new “2nd Future” thus i commonly think it over the initial phase of the Seventh angel’s category of (trumpet great time) because taken place 7 many years following nine/ trembling right up, literally and figurativly talking, as all prophecy generally seems to involve:


Rev Additionally the exact same hours is actually around an excellent earthquake ((4578 seismos= to help you put people towards the an effective tremor out-of anxiety or matter)), in addition to 10th a portion of the area dropped, as well as in the newest earthquake had been murdered of men 7 thousand: as well as the remnant was basically affrighted, and gave glory with the Goodness out of paradise.

Below are the newest prophecies with an increase of intricate literal sharing out-of purpose that show, very first the new analysis in the Rev 11:eight, the way it is with the brand new Luciferian fell angel space aliens owing to person government and their news mouthpieces that the One or two try subued. It generally does not prevent him or her but for as soon as however up to That they had completed brand new portion of its “testimony” it needed seriously to to-do to have gained their “lost sheep”, this new Souls who returned with these people to set up human pots (how they select peoples government) to receive its a great deal more changed Heads, to take him or her more (overcome their humanness beneath the guidelines of the two) because of their graduation aka the Heart, however, in reality Soul births, aka becoming collected as the fruit on the yard being Players of your own Evolutionary Height Above Person in which upon coming (ascension) gets the new 2nd Height themed actual bodies:

An abundance of documentaries were made, the very last at which is of the Federal Geographics station, Season step 3, Occurrence One or two entitled, “Final Statement: Heaven’s Gate”, very first aired on the

Rev eleven:seven If in case they shall have finished ((did, execute)) their testimony ((Rev ten eight thunders – personal disseminations of its recommendations)), the latest monster ((Luciferian fell angel room aliens from the peoples government through the mouthpiece of your own media)) one to ascendeth ((climbed)) out from the bottomless gap ((covering up put/prison from inside the Environment)) shall make combat ((battle)) facing her or him, and should overcome ((3528 nikao=subdue (“test off because of the drive”)) him or her, and eliminate ((615 apokteino= seperate(apo) of the death (kteino))) him or her ((auto= on their own – the selection whenever and ways to log off even in the event because of the non-supernatural function, which have Ti exiting basic by the “consuming aside the woman vehicles once the depicted into the Rev *1)).




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