About Us

Who we are

We are a team that loves to create

De Psalm Intl Concept was incorporated in Nigeria in April 2007. Since our incorporation we have been working with various companies and people from around the globe in different areas of the Media and advertising industries.

We have a distinction when it comes to superb delivery. We are conscious of both timing and quality which makes our clients very satisfied with our services.

We have worked with different classes of people across industries and professions. our years of experience in these industries we major has given us a variety of ways to solve our clients problems and needs with least amount of resources available and on time.

We also have a wealth of information regarding a variety of subjects in our industry .

We believe every organization needs good content to engage its audience on TV, RADIO and WEB, as we work with you, we will create simple and easy to assimilate content no  matter how complex your market is and help you show case this content to the right audience ,no matter where they are.  Our content are CALL TO ACTION oriented, so that you can generate leads from those hooked on the content, thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

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What we do

We love to serve


We create content for Television, Radio & Web.


We write scripts and story boards that are target audience oriented for commercials, we then give it the best production. We also produce all kinds of Audiovisual contents;


TV Programs e.g., soap, talk shows, reality shows


Music Videos

Motion Graphics


We produce all kinds of


Voice overs

Music and music for films

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!