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2. A beautiful Head by Sylvia Nasar

“I have made one advancement out-of my life. It’s only from the strange equation off love you to definitely people reasoning otherwise grounds can be obtained.”

Huge it’s likely that, you watched the new eponymous flick currently. It is good biographical story of John Nash, one of the most intelligent mathematicians and you can a good Nobel award winner who endured schizophrenia. Despite that, he was able to hard toward video game principle underpinning a beneficial large section of economics.

Sylvia Nasar makes reference to John’s lives, offering a fascinating exposition off their statistical records. Their have trouble with the disease and enter in in research deserve says and you will respect.

step 3. The person Whom Enjoyed Simply Quantity from the Paul Hoffman

This book is a type of the fresh new biographical tale from Paul Erdos, good mathematician just who lived and you may treasured nothing but their topic. It contains Erdo?s quotations or paraphrases, that assist subscribers understand his worry and affection that have everything you associated so you’re able to mathematics. (more…)

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