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Of numerous dedicated programs plus occur to share with profiles regarding guests paths, given tolls, and you may transportation form

GEST-DC: Unifying Transport and you will Air quality Information in an enthusiastic mHealth Application

Multiple cellular apps can be found to tell pages regarding quality of air conditions for Android when you look at the Bing Gamble as well as for ios into the iTunes. Quality of air and you may transportation is relevant to have profiles within their chatiw login each day stays in standard, and especially very important to insecure communities, in addition to the elderly, pregnant women and other people which have respiratory sickness. Even after the characteristics, there is absolutely no cellular software that mixes factual statements about contamination and you may transportation. For vulnerable communities, this article enables them to end environments you to aggravate the criteria and you can perspective health problems. Out of good visualization perspective little could have been done to determine visual representations to possess affiliate connects you to definitely convey details about pollution account from inside the geographical pointers solutions. To address these challenges, it paper merchandise the form, invention and you may investigations out-of GEST-DC, an mHealth application you to definitely says to air quality levels having driving pathways.

Interplay Anywhere between Usability and you will Advice System Continuance: A long Model

So it papers proposes an unit to investigate the relationship anywhere between Assumption-Confirmation Design (ECM) commonly used into the Information System (IS) research and you can head function activities. The mark domain try CRISS platform you to stands for an alternate cloud-oriented digital reading program, according to research by the most sophisticated pedagogical techniques and you may scientific selection, enabling led acquisition, evaluation and you can qualification out of electronic competences in the number 1 and you will second universities. (more…)

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