Our Team

Our CEO Psalmdavid Ekpo

Psalmdavid is an Entreprenuer, Film Maker and Musician, he is quite multi-talented in art related feilds. He has been a film maker since 2001 when he co-produced The haunted Princess.since then he has worked with various Movie|Production companies and film agencies across the globe
Psalmdavid has produced 8 Movies, including Dark Inheritance and the rise of Jezebel.He has also prroduce numerous documentaries Including Sumo, Lion Quest and the journey to Agaja. He has also produce lots of TV comersials that made television presence, the most populaer of them is Zonadine and Lekki free trade zone to name but a few. He has also worked in numerous projects with others whe was either a video editor, Director, visual effects specialist or asst. producer. Psalmdavid has Various certification from different institudes from accross the globe as a cotent creator|brand influencer.
Film and Tv Production , Bue clouds studio Minna
Certificate of Achievement, Explore Film Making, script to screen
National Film and Television School Beacons Field Studios UK
Certificate of Achievement, Film and Animation in the Classroom
Explore Animation
National Film and Television School
Film Production
Creative Skillset
Certificate of Achievement, Introduction to Screen Writing
UAE (University of East Anglia)
Certificate of Completion, Introduction to After Effects
Adobe training service
From Notation to Performance: Understanding Musical Scores
The Open University Milton Keynes England
Visual effects for Guriella film making
Norwick University of arts
The Business of Film
The Open University
Certificate of Achievement, The power of Social Media
University of Southampton
Online Marketing Skills Fundamentals
Digital skills for Africa certificate

Psalmdavid is also a media consultant and a brand influencer who has worked with different successful brands to push their products to limelight usic his vast media network.

He has started Various projects and brands that are really looking up, most of the brands are media and publicty related, some of the major ones are Content Creators Challenge (CCC) and Independent Music Artist Challenge (IMA)
He is the founder of Gospel Music Arena (GMA).